Any Long time MediaMonkey Users?

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Any Long time MediaMonkey Users?

Post by Whin2000 »


As a MediaMonkey user myself, I am curious about the application's users. I am aware that there are alternatives like MusicBee. If you are a long time user of MediaMonkey, what kept you or prevented you from switching to another Music Player/Manager after all these years.

What do you like and hate about MediaMonkey?
Erwin Hanzl
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Re: Any Long time MediaMonkey Users?

Post by Erwin Hanzl »

Hello too,

After a long search for a media player/management program, I decided on MediaMonkey4 in 2011.
Before that I tested VLC, MusicBee and a few others.

I still use the 4 version today for the following reasons:

1. There are a variety of add-ons for this, of which I use around 10.
2. Script language is VBScript.

I myself have read up on VBScript and am able to optimize or rewrite existing scripts for my purposes such as:
Playlist Manager, CustomFieldsTagger or DiscogsTagger.
A music manager program without these three add-ons is out of the question for me.

I don't want to comment on MediaMonkey5.

Nach längerer Suche nach einem MediaPlayer/Verwaltungsprogramm habe ich mich im Jahre 2011 für MediaMonkey4 entschieden.
Davor habe Ich VLC, MusicBee und einige weitere getestet.

Auch heut nutze ich noch die 4er Version aus folgenden Gründen:
1. es gibt dafür eine vielzahl an AddOns, wovon ich ca. 10 nutze.
2. Script Spache ist VBScript.

Ich selbst habe mich in VBScript eingelesen und bin in der Lage, bestehende Scripts für meine Zwecke zu optimieren oder umzuschreiben wie z.B.: Playlistmanager, CustomFieldsTagger oder DiscogsTagger.
Ein Musikmanager-Programm ohne diese drei AddOns kommet für mich nicht in Frage.

Über MediaMonkey5 möchte ich keinen Kommentar abgeben.
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Re: Any Long time MediaMonkey Users?

Post by Snofru »

I am using MediaMonkey for 7 years now. I like how I can organize my music collection, especially I like what can be done with Auto-Playlists. What I like most about it is the ability to sync with my mobile devices, including getting back play counts to my main database on the PC.
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Re: Any Long time MediaMonkey Users?

Post by charlieMOGUL »

I'm a paid user since 2005 - wowee, that's 18 years already ;)

I use version 4 to organize and constantly prune my music library: Tagging, automated playlists, and playlist management. Over the years I've tried version 5 a few times, but I keep on coming back for 4. It's relatively stable (although somewhat slow with a large library), and it seems to still have more tagging possibilities and extensions than what 5 currently offers.
5 seems to be centered around the concept of a media player. I like MediaMonkey as a music library manager.
gronk mctruck
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Re: Any Long time MediaMonkey Users?

Post by gronk mctruck »

Am a music collector. Been using MediaMonkey since 2019. I asked and was then told that MediaMonkey was designed for 50,000 entries. Right now, I have over 147,000 music file entries and it works fine except for:
1) On occasions, it can get "lost" and stop working - I assume a volume related issue as I am exceeding some inherent design constraint. Using Windows 10. Just restart and it works OK.
2) With such a large database, it can longer to update entries i.e. minutes.
Otherwise it works really well. To get the best benefit, I rebuilt my directory and file naming structure around MediaMonkey. I also use Mp3tag free software to pad out the file descriptive data fields so that album names, artist names and song/album/concert titles are accurately maintained and displayed. Both changes helps me quickly identify and fix mis-filed entries.
Great product so I signed up for Gold License.
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