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List view

Post by MabelVanA »

I want to list all 'artists' in my libary. When I click 'Artist' I see a grid of pictures: album covers or compositions of various covers (nicely done, by the way). It does more or less represent all artists in my libary but it's way too long and not easy to read. I want a simple alphabetical list without pictures, like I get in MM for Android. So I created a 'view' of my own with just one column: 'artist'. The result is hilariously unuseful as every line is repeated dozens or even hundreds of times; as many times as there are tracks of this artist in my library it seems.

So I have two questions/suggestions:
1. Can I get a display of all artists just like the existing one with cover-pictures, but without the pictures?
2. Could the option of making my own 'view' be modified in such a way that identical lines are not repeated?
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Re: List view

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No, List is file based, thus lists all files in view (no matter which columns are enabled). Grid is the only View that would show just Artists.

Note that you do have the Media Tree (if enabled) and the Column Filter that show the list of Artist values.
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