permanently disable repeat

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permanently disable repeat

Post by timepiece »

I occasionally manage to accidentally hit the repeat button on MMA. This is not a feature I ever use on purpose - is there a way to just permanently disable it, so I don't accidentally turn it on again? I don't mind also losing access to the shuffle button, as most of my playlists are shuffled anyway.

I actually preferred when it was on the album art, because i was much less likely to hit it then.
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Re: permanently disable repeat

Post by rusty »

I see what you mean. We can consider making this configurable in the future.

Anyone else interested in this?

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Re: permanently disable repeat

Post by joshb »

Yes, I also never use Repeat or Shuffle, so I would appreciate a way to permanently disable both.
And while I'm here - I repeat my request for a way to toggle Off (remove from screen) the Floaty Button, which I never use and is in the way!
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Re: permanently disable repeat

Post by Snofru »

Yes for an option to remove the floating button!
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