Audio resumes when Bluetooth device disconnects

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Audio resumes when Bluetooth device disconnects

Post by piphomer »

Hi forumites. Hopefully you can help me with an issue that's driving me mad.

Full disclosure: I believe this to be a Windows issue and not a MM5 issue, but hopefully the collective knowledge and experience here can help me solve it.

I play my music mostly through a Bose SLIII bluetooth speaker connected to my laptop. I'm using Windows 10.0.19045.

If I pause music playback, and then turn off the bluetooth speaker, the music resumes playing on the laptop speakers. This is quite annoying but I can deal with it. What is REALLY annoying is that the bluetooth device turns itself off after 30 minutes idle... meaning if I forget to turn it off when I am finished listening to music, and leave the laptop unattended, after 30 minutes MM5 will resume playing music on the laptop speakers. Super annoying!

Again for full disclosure, it actually restarts whatever the last audio source was, e.g. Youtube, Spotify, etc. It isn't necessarily just MM5.

Everything I have found on the internet points me to disabling Autoplay for bluetooth devices, but I have done that and it doesn't help (the Bose device doesn't even show up in the Autoplay list).

Sorry for starting a topic that isn't strictly an MM5 issue, but this is driving me mad and I will really appreciate any insight.