Lost finding iTunes

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Lost finding iTunes

Post by jb19 »

:( I recently switched to a windows 10 hp all-in-one due to the Apple (late 2012 MacBook) macOS closure on 10.13 high sierra. For a brief period 24 hours, I was able to access the iTunes library I had accumulated (Apple store purchased or CD ripped) before I did something that removed access to iTunes content. I was able to download 10 or 15 albums into the windows 10 iTunes before it disappeared from iTunes windows 10. I did find the files elsewhere on the windows 10 HDD, but I am stuck trying to figure out how to extract more of the music from iTunes web files.

I am pretty sure this is not uncommon and I understand that apple is not being helpful in their campaign to kill iTunes. It is a big reason I decided to move to media monkey. Can anyone tell me how I can access more of the iTunes files (purchased and ripped) on the windows machine or point me towards a previous forum discussion?

Thanks, John
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Re: Lost finding iTunes

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try locating iTunes media folder on your windows 10 HDD including purchased and ripped ones and then import into media monkey or other media player to access.
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