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pretty new to MM5 gold
i have a large collection of mp3s which i have just backed up onto a hdd
is there a way to sort my music so i have say all rock together all punk together etc.
but would it still leave the tracks in there folders.
so say i have now 1-100 all in folders would it split the tracks into genre

some i know what genre they are so i have put them albums in one file but a lot of the others i dont know
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Post by Lowlander »

You can sort on Genre, use the Genre node on the Media Tree, and use AutoPlaylists per Genre.
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Lowlander wrote: Wed Apr 10, 2024 9:58 am You can sort on Genre, use the Genre node on the Media Tree, and use AutoPlaylists per Genre.
Yes there are lots of ways to sort and group your music in MediaMonkey, but first you have to get a value for genre tagged on all of your tracks. I don't particularly use genre myself because it is much a case of opinion as anything else and no two genre schemes entirely agree. Plus a few experiments showed me that the AutoTag function doesn't necessarily populate genre when it has a chance to.

So, yes, you can sort by genre in the main list and use the Genre node on the Media Tree, but you might have to manually assign a genre value to all of your tracks first.
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