Tracks starting to skip on phone.

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Tracks starting to skip on phone.

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Certain tracks, mainly some that's been on my phone for a while are starting to skip, or scratch like data disappeared from the song. Out of listening to maybe 50 songs today 4 of them had problems. I would push to repeat and they played again with the same skips and chirps. I took note of a couple songs that were skipping out and played them back on my computer and they play fine there. I'm at a loss of what to do here, can I wipe my phone of my tracks and re download all the tracks? How would I do this to make it work? Or do I need to try and keep track of every song that skips and replace it somehow, also how would I do that? Just delete it from my phone and let them redownload when I sync? I've got about 3000 tracks total, I'm guessing maybe 200 are having an issue. Thanks for any help or input.

Edit to add, does my phone update certain amount of tracks every so often? Was wondering if the problem would eventually take care of itself.

2nd edit. I deleted a track from my phone, resynced it so it put it back on and it still skips in the same spots. It's flawless on the pc though.
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Re: Tracks starting to skip on phone.

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What file type(s) are affected?
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