Adventures in changing phone brands

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Adventures in changing phone brands

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I just swapped from a Samsung S22u with Android 14 to a OnePlus 12 with Android 14. This was simultaneously the easiest and hardest phone upgrade for me regarding MediaMonkey.

Using MMA

Did a data transfer of my apps and data, so all my music transferred over retaining the file structure, MMA and MMA-Pro copied over and reinstalled themselves from the Play store. But the playlists and settings didn't. Doing a sync with MMW5, I thought that would fix it but it didn't, I got errors on the device that the playlist location didn't exist, and it did not create it. Took me way too long to get the location to exist and several days later I actually forget how I did that.

I guess UIDs for the files no longer correctly matched as after I did finally get the playlists to sync, MMA then took many hours to scan through to "match the files" (over 20k tracks in the library). Still definitely easier than mumble years ago when I ran through several s10's due to hardware faults then upgrade to the s20+ and had to sync/wipe/sync the on-SD Card library each time I swapped. That would take a total of two days just for the syncs because those took so long I had to do them overnight.

However, I am possibly more miffed that my settings didn't transfer over. Most of the on-device settings I left at their defaults anyway, but things like the media server to sync with, and UI elements.

UI elements that may or may not be under the control of MMA that are different:

* The AOD on the OnePlus does not show the "now playing" info at all like the Galaxy did, and more often than not the notification icon here is the "sync in progress" icon that used to show only when actively syncing or when MMA is updating the database, instead of the MMA monkey. If I double-tap to show the lock screen instead, I get the correct info card for Now Playing.

* The notification drawer "now playing" is a 2x2 square in the built-in widget/tools with the app icon, track title and artist, and RW, play/pause, FF buttons. No album art. Whereas on the Galaxy it showed a Notification card with the full info, album art, all the player controls including a progress bar.

And no matter how I have tried changing the Notifications in both the phone and MMA, neither of these change. I can easily live with this as-is if it's the new normal on this device, but I've gotten rather used to the way it was.