Help Synching Gen 1 iPod Touch

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Help Synching Gen 1 iPod Touch

Post by Tourma »

Hello all,

Its a long story, so I'll put that beneath, but I'm trying to synch my Gen 1 iPod Touch without having iTunes on my PC.

In installed the CopyTrans drivers that some MM page said was a thing you could do, though not officially endorsed.

I'm not sure what's the exact problem, but it seems like its filled my iPod with files, but the Music app says there is nothing there. I'm not sure if it's not deleting anything, or what.

I'm trying to use the Sync random selected files to target capacity.

Am I missing something obvious? I'd prefer not wiping the device as it has Angry Birds on it and I don't know if the app store still works for Gen 1 Touches.

So I got a new phone, which is a story in and of itself and won't get into that, but it doesn't have a SD card slot. So I'm trying to save capacity by using another device for music in my car. I have two iPods, an iPod Touch Gen 1 that I got with my '07 Macbook back in the day, and an iPod Nano Gen 2 that I got for selling a ton of Blockbuster by Mail before that. I can find the Touch, so that's what I'm trying. Even if this is in-ideal, I'd like to get it to a working capacity before I start digging for the Nano.

This is the errors its giving me.
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Re: Help Synching Gen 1 iPod Touch

Post by Lowlander »

Which Build (Help > About) of MediaMonkey are you using and do those files play in MediaMonkey?

Generally the first thing to try is to Sync from iTunes to the device, especially as it's an older device, the hardware may be failing.
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