Can't Download artwork for band Gomez

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Can't Download artwork for band Gomez

Post by stonefree »

I bought the 5 set Gomez album set which has a generic picture for the compilation, when I play a track I haven't played recently I categorise the song correctly into one of 4 Gomez albums, and the extra disk contains the tracks from "Five Men In a Hut".

At one point I had quite a few albums and once I deleted the generic cover Media Monkey android filled it with the correct cover.

Somehow the covers seem to have disappeared, apart from those of the compilation cover. When I find a track with the compilation cover I delete it, but now when Media Monkey does a search the search only lasts around a second and no cover is found.

The only album covers that get retrieved are for "Bring It On" and ""Five Men In a Hut"