maximum files exceeded?

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maximum files exceeded?

Post by aaschuna »

I'm in the process of converting CDs to digital files on a 4 TB external drive. I added 146,669 files to my Media Monkey library and now when I rescan, it identifies new files but does not add any of them to my library. Have I exceeded the maximum for this software or is there some way to continue to add files?
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Re: maximum files exceeded?

Post by Lowlander »

That's not that many files, please see: ... y-library/

Which Build (Help > About) of MediaMonkey are you using and can you not find the files through Entire Library > Location?
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Re: maximum files exceeded?

Post by CrashMonkey »

Or look at "playlists", then "Recently Added Content" then there a folder on data/time for every time you added new files.
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