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DRM Codes

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Can DRM protected .wma files be converted so I can transfer them to my ipod shuffle?

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Post by JLG234 »

I haven't any DRM files that I know of but I have come across a few MP3's that didn't seem to be able to play within Win Media Player even though they are tagged MP3 (May be due to DRM??). Anyways I have been able to play them by loading them into "Audacity" (Free of the WWW) and then resave the file as an MP3 and then it plays in WMP.

If Audacity will not load the wma file then just play it in WMP and have Audacity running as well and record the song. Once recorded just save as an MP3. This should work.
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Check this: http://www.mediamonkey.com/forum/viewto ... ght=freeme

Other ways are possible, but they're normally not so good in quality. You might find alternatives using a web search.

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