MM2 Skins

If you want to contribute MediaMonkey skins, themes, icons, etc...

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MM2 Skins

Post by psyXonova »

OK, this is a sticky post and you are welcome to post the urls to your skins here....

EDIT: Plz try to post only URLs here to keep this thread as clean and helpfull as possible!!!!

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Post by Peke »

One mine at: BeOStick v1.1
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Post by rovingcowboy »

You can get my skins for media monkey at

i have also got my toaster skins for media monkey to use with my skins.
there are no screen shots of my toaster skins but they match the full skin that they are named for.

media monkey 2.5.5 skins.
you can only get my 2.5.5 skins from the links on the wiki site
if still there or the links on steegys page for mm2 skins or on trixmoto's page for skins if trixmoto and steegy still have them.?

  • 1. JungleMonkey
    2. Trucking
    3. Christmas Toys

all the screenshots are there too. enjoy 8)

junglemonkey skin has grown up to fit the new version of media monkey.

here is its url's for the new mm3 skins

url 1 ... songs.html

url 2 ... loads.html

down load them and unzip them then put the msz file in the mm3's folder for skins. enjoy

Media monkey 3 skins. (None Of these are suggested to use on win98 or maybe win 98se. there are errors in them if used with those os's. but the mentioned errors don't show up in winXp)
(all have trouble using the floating player in win98. even the other skinners, skins have that trouble on my win98)

  • 1. Jungle Monkees ..........(at the second url) win98 error (scattered images for av effects)
    2. Airstream ..................(at the second url)
    3. The Blues Monkey.......(at the second url)
    4. Jade Monkey .............(at the second url)
    5. Trucking Monkey
    6. Esthetic Hi Fi .............(at the second url)
    7. Monkey Hi Fi Tuner .....(at the second url)
    8. Tangerine Monkey.......(at the second url)
    9. Hillbilly Diner ...............(screenshot at wiki site) win98 error (scattered images for av effects, transparent images not understood by win98.)

    10. Concert ....................(screenshot at wiki site) win98 error (scattered images for av effects, very cpu heavy. causes use of Eq, album art, not to be possible.)

when rusty gets the monkey's own skin hosting sight up, i'll be able to put them all on there.

I have also added a zip file of the three background images i just made to look like either bubbley soda or beer.

    • I have added a zip file containing one image to use for the default empty album view in monkey.
    This has been removed, for needed space. and mm 3 now uses this file
    as one the skinner embeds in the skin file. so it is different with
    each skin.

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Post by Morten (NOT LOGGED IN) »

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skin recolor/edit

Post by GodSponge »

I couldn't find a red colored skin that I liked, so I used the BlackMonkey Skin as a base for my recolor. The one thing I cannot seem to change with the theme editor, is the color of the selected menu text background and the selected text in the playlist and in the tree. For some reason the menu text bg is still olive and the others are still blue and I can find no reference to those colors in the skin editor or in any other files in the skin directory.

Well here it is. If anyone knows how to change the text background colors, please let me know.
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Post by Steegy »

Now there's a temporary overview of the real MediaMonkey skins, with large screenshots. There are some more skins to be added. The ones I already have on the todo are listed at the bottom of the page.

If you know of other real MM skins that I forgot, please let me know. Also, if you have more information on the skins (e.g. Author, date of first version release), it would be welcome.

The link "MM Skins" is in my signature.

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Post by Blake »

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Shiny Monkey Dark

Post by aidan_cage »

This is really DaledeSilva's Shiny Black skin with some bmps from Tommae88's GrayMonkey that I just darkened to taste; but I like it, and I want to represent it here. The player is originally by Tomzi Djidara, but I monkeyed it and took out the brand.


Screenshot --> ... hPanel.jpg
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