zune zune zune! please!!

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zune zune zune! please!!

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just got a nice shiny zune for xmas from my boss. i have to say i would have preferred an ipod but can't look a gift horse in the mouth.

the best part of the zune? the screen! it's beautiful and big. consistently reviewed ahead of the ipod

the worst part of the zune? the zune software!!! it's lame lame lame! no podcasts and it brings even my supercharged laptop to its knees it's such a memory hog!!!

i've loved media monkey for a while now and used it for my recording mp3 player, the lovely cowon iaudio x5L.

please oh please would someone figure out how to get music onto the zune from media monkey? theres a registry tweak to open it up as a mass storage device but without a letter. there's gotta be a way to push music through this channel!

thanks in advance!!!!!
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I've ordered a Zune.
MM 3.0 will (hopefully) sync with it soon.

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I've also just order a Zune (black), and I'm going to purchase Mediamonkey Gold if it will support Zune syncing.
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The Zune can now be sync'ed with MM using a work-around. I have written a fairly extensive guide on how to do so - see here.
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