Best sites for lyrics

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Best sites for lyrics

Post by Diabolic-Destiny »

I usually just google but there are times when sites have incomplete or incorrect lyrics so im wondering which are the best and most wellknown.

AZlyrics and are what i usually use
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Post by rovingcowboy » ... yrics.html

those are the sites i found with most correct lyrics. eddie rabbitt song is correct there. but if you use the ev... lyrics program you can search through all the sites fast and find the lyrics you want. just one warnning the ev..lyrics program will find forum messages that have nothing to do with the songs, and it will find some messages by things that should not be.

also 99% of the lyrics you find online are not correct. there are some that are correct but they are far and few between,
there are songs i listened to the orginal 45 rpm's of and typed the words down as they said them. and i put them songs online. at where ever i could put them but they are old songs about 30 to 50 years old? those are correct if you find them.

i did that a few years ago and i now have forgot what sites i put them on.

except one song i put some place on this forum? sonny and cher's orginal lyrics to " a cowboy's work is never done " since most sites you find that on have totaly screw'ed up lyrics.

i also did the eddie rabbitt song in the link thats why i know its correct. well i put one error in it but that is because of the word being repeated. at the end of the song he repeats the word " I " if that was put up correctly you would read the roman numberal for two. so i put it in the lyrics as " I eye "
for better reading.

so if you get them from use of the ev.. lyrics program just listen to the song and read the lyics you got to make sure they are correct they more then likely won't be. since most sites wont put them up correct because of copyright laws.

oh thought to add this in.
if you read the eddie rabbitt song and don't know what vega's are. it is a refreance to the car made by chevy, back in the 1970's the car was made from the factory with out any rust proofing.

and there for fell apart in england by the time they got off the ship at the dock. and that made all of europe ban that car from going over sea's, and nobody else wanted it either.
thus making it an american only car. he said that model because it was a chevy, he wanted to say chevy but thier other models were not and are not american only.

now the only ones left in the usa are ones that got after market rust proofing done to them.
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Post by pah68 »

I run Evil Lyrics to do the work for me.
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Post by MCSmarties » is by far my favorite.
The lyrics there are usually formatted more nicely, and they make it easy to upload your own.

I also use: (metasearch engine)

I get very good results with databases that are dedicated to a particular genre, for example: (Rock & Roll, not very well organized) (Blues) (Jazz and Blues)

But often the best way to get massive lyrics for a particular artist is to find his official homepage (if he discloses the lyrics, they will likely all be there) or - sometimes even better - some good unofficial fan pages.

Finally of course, and more often than I'd like, I have to resort to DIY: listen, pause, transcribe, listen, pause, transcribe, rewind, listen, rewind, listen, rewind, listen, pause, transcribe etc... etc...

To everybody: PLEASE, if you do transcribe lyrics by ear try to include ALL the lyrics and UPLOAD THEM!!
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