MM loses auto-tagged and subsequently changed info of loaded CD

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MM loses auto-tagged and subsequently changed info of loaded CD

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This applies at least to the field Disk#. I have not checked all fields but losing the Disk# repeatedly (und certain circumstances) - by now - was the most annoying issue since I use Media Monkey at all.

Remark: whenever I add a new CD to my collection I first rip it to two separate folders - one containing compressed MP3 files to save memory whenever I want to listen to my music on a mobile device or in my car - the second holds the same tracks converted to lossless FLAC files.

How to reproduce:
1. Load a CD into your drive and wait until it is recognized by the PC and Media Monkey.
2. Let Media Money look up and add the album info from freeDB. At this point the entry representing your CD drive is selected in the explorer on the left. The songs and the loaded song/album info is visible in the main window.
3. For at least one song change the content of the field Disk# to a certain value, different from the current.
4. Now you could start the first rip process i. e. for MP3 (not necessary to catch the bug).
5. This step is significant: Select a different folder to view somewhere in the tree of your music collection (sometimes I have to lookup some information intermediately).
6. Return back to the loaded CD by clicking on the corresponding entry in the explorer on the left.
7. Now the previously changed content in the field(s) Disk# either is lost (empty) or reset back to the status as it was before you changed it manually.
8. At this point I usually start the second rip process (not required to catch the bug).

Since I use the Disk# combined with the Song# as part of the generated file names this causes some trouble and unnecessary additional work, whenever this happens and I don't notice it for any reason.
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Re: MM loses auto-tagged and subsequently changed info of loaded CD

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Which Build (Help > About) of MediaMonkey 5 are you using and is step 4 necessary or can Rip be skipped and the problem still occurs?
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