Need Suggestions on Music Data Tag Reader

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Need Suggestions on Music Data Tag Reader

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I completed ripping my music CD collection to FLAC and creating converted m4a versions of those FLAC files roughly six months ago. I have created two primary and two backup music collection folders on both of my computer's internal and external hard drives. I intend to make it a habit to check those music folders over time such as once every 6 months or year to make sure my song files are good and not somehow damaged, corrupted, or screwed up. I did my initial checks using Mp3Tag to make sure some general song properties such as format and frequency were correct. I also used Ultrasearch app to check to make sure my song files in my assigned folders were not somehow accidentally modified or changed after a certain date. Ultrasearch lets me check files from multiple folders at once but it is not a music app. MP3Tag only lets me load and check one folder at a time. I was wondering if anyone here knows of a music file tag program that lets me check multiple folders at once and can tell me if any of my music files from my ripped CDs have lost or are missing data tag information such as album, artist, genre, etc., so that I can identify and fix those tags if they are missing. I would like to keep my music collection, both source and backup, properly checked and maintained to minimize the likelihood of problems arising due to missing music data and information in cases such as moving my music collection and playlists to a new computer, reloading my music on an existing computer after a factory reset, or transferring the songs to my MP3 player. Does anyone know of a reliable and trustworthy music or music-related program capable of doing the tasks that I just mentioned?