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Endless "Scanning files into library: Folders"

Posted: Wed Sep 27, 2023 8:48 pm
by cokehearth
Not sure if the log will actually have any relevant info, but have uploaded it anyway.

My MMA seems to be stuck: it is continuously "scanning files into the library: Folders", and it hasn't seemed to end since last night after a sync.

I've tried closing the app, but it just picks up where it left off. After cycling through the entire contents, it'll start right again at the beginning, and do the whole thing again, and then start at the beginning, repeat, etc.

The complete text is:
Scanning files into the library: Folders

If I go to the "Folder" view, I notice the SD card/Music folder (under "Library") goes from having way over the amount of tracks on the device (for example, thinking it has over 180,000, actual number of files is about 94,000), to going back to 0 and building up to the overly-large number by the time it scans through all the folders; and then another cycle of scanning files begins, and it repeats, and so-on.

As one can imagine, it's chewing through the phone's battery as a result. This behaviour only started last night, although there has been a few times where it seems adamant to want to scan seemingly out of nowhere.

Samsung A54G


Thanks as always!

Re: Endless "Scanning files into library: Folders"

Posted: Thu Sep 28, 2023 8:06 pm
by cokehearth
Update: My library stopped scanning the afternoon of making my last post once I arrived at my place of work! :o So it seems at the moment, my library on MMA is all good again - after doing a couple of syncs since, I'm not experiences any scanning loops. I'm wondering if - possibly - it's because I was no longer at home where my Mediamonkey Server is connected to the WiFi? But that may just be speculation!

A couple of other bugs that I've noticed, and I didn't want to span the forum with multiple topics:

Updating metadata to server (over Wifi)
I notice when uploading changed metadata (in my case, it's usually ratings, occasionally title/artists, and obviously playcounts) the updater tends to go to 100/(x amount files) and then hangs for quite a long time. Sometimes it fails, and not all of the metadata gets synced.

Double syncing (over Wifi)
When I'm doing a sync, often - but not always - after completing the sync, it will go ahead and intialise another sync right after.

Cancelling sync (over Wifi)
If I cancel the sync, particularly in the "initialising" phase, MMA tends to hang on "Terminating..." for quite a long time. BUT: if I close MMW, or Restart the Mediamonkey Service on Windows, it cancels afterwards straight away; so it seems to be related to being connected to the MMW library.

This is on the Samsung A54G; I think the bugs may be something to do with this phone, as my previous Samsung S10+ didn't tend to have these specific problems.

Hope these are useful for the continued development of the MediaMonkey app - and as always, thanks heaps for continued work! :D

Re: Endless "Scanning files into library: Folders"

Posted: Thu Feb 22, 2024 2:28 am
by deep2
What could be the possible reasons behind the scanning issues in my Mediamonkey library, especially considering that the scanning problem stopped when I was no longer connected to my home WiFi where the Mediamonkey Server is located? Additionally, what could be causing the long hanging time and occasional failure when updating metadata over WiFi, the occurrence of double syncing after completing a sync, and the prolonged "Terminating..." phase when canceling a sync on my Samsung A54G? Could these issues be specific to this phone model?

Re: Endless "Scanning files into library: Folders"

Posted: Thu Feb 22, 2024 10:29 am
by Lowlander
Which Build (Help > About) of MediaMonkey?