Song Start Delay

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Song Start Delay

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I'm using MM5 in an environment where timeliness of playing a song is important. At the moment I am frequently experiencing a delay between my initiation of play now (either via double click with nothing playing, or via right click menu > play now) and MM's start of progressing the play counter and generating sound. That delay is usually two seconds but can be up to 6 seconds. This makes for pauses in output that I don't want.

The problem is similar to this one:
Moyah8 wrote: Sun Jun 27, 2021 5:08 am Hi, I have search and could not see where this was discussed before, but the bug that I have noticed is when a song is playing and I double click another song to play (whilst the current one is playing), nothing happens for about 5 seconds... then the song that I double clicked to play will play! There seems to be a delay!
Ludek wrote: Tue Jun 29, 2021 7:59 am FYI: The issue was fixed as
but that's from 2 years ago and the solution to that (unselect the option to check for unavailable files) is no longer present.

The problem is not constant, but typically turns up when it is least wanted - did you build in a criticality sensor? :)

My usual situation when it turns up is with one song in the Now Playing list (generally just played), a minute or so of no interaction with MM and then right click/play now for the next track, with some seconds delay between click and play. My play now settings, playback rules settings and overall use configuration are as per the attached images. Am I missing something for making MM respond quickly to play commands?
Image Image Image

One possible complication is that my MM program and music files are on an external USB that is a (relatively recent) magnetic disk, which has to spin up after a minute of inactivity. But, repeated testing of the spinup shows me that that imposes no more than a second of delay, so I'm tempted to think that there is some MM code navel gazing going on as well. I'd offer you a debug log but the latest build just crashes on me with a queue processing timeout error, which I'm assuming that you'll fix.
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