MMA music stops frequently when using Google Maps

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MMA music stops frequently when using Google Maps

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I have noticed recently that when I use MMA to play music via BT on my Uconnect system it works fine. However, if I have Google Maps running in the foreground (MMA just in the notification bar) the music will stop frequently and not restart. I don't know what is driving the pause but I can usually press play on the display and it will resume within a few seconds. This can happen several times during a single track. When the music stops, there are no audio prompts from Maps. When navigation audio does pause the music, it appears to restart as expected. I suspect the pause could be caused by another notification in the background (new email, news app notification, etc) but I do not know how to confirm this. I drove for 4 hours last week and when I arrived at my destination I had a full notification bar but I cannot confirm this is related.

When I stop Google Maps, the pausing does not appear to be an issue. I still see notifications in the top bar when my destination is reached so perhaps it is a combination of factors that causes the pausing. A search of the forum found a few threads but none seemed related. If this is a new issue and more in depth analysis is required, I can create a ticket and upload logs to help debug. If it's a known issue, please point me to what setting to adjust since MMA is nearly unusable in conjunction with Maps.