Issue with Right Click

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Issue with Right Click

Post by CrashMonkey »

When i have mediamonkey playing music, and i see something missing in a song i want to edit the song from the Play List.
However the menu opens, and glitches off in a lot of cases.

Made a small video, you can see the menu sometimes automaticly disapearing.
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Re: Issue with Right Click

Post by Ludek »

I am unable to replicate, could you please test whether the issue is stil present in the latest build 3021 and whether it appears only in full-screen mode? Is there a specific screen resolution? Number of screens? Windows10 or Windows11?
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Re: Issue with Right Click

Post by CrashMonkey »

Yes present in 3021.
If you mean with fullscreen a Maximized Window, then Yes.
Tried it in a small window, and it did not occur!

Steps to reproduce:
Sart MM, maximize window to max size.
Open a playlist, 30songs+
Start a song double click in loaded playlist.
IMPORTANT: click with mouse on next song button (in bottom middle playbar with play, stop button).
IMPORTANT: click on keyboard on > (the arrow keys, to play next song)
Now click on a song with right click, lower then the one currently playing, and see how the right click button works.
Important is also, that the menu is longer, then there is space under the mouse to show the menu.

Green dots, are mouse location where i clicked.
First picture when you click on top of the list, there is enough space for menu. And it does not give a problem with right click.
Second oen is when there is not enough space under the mouse to fit the window, so it is placed higher. And this is when the menu flashes open and goes away again.

the IMPORTANT lines, are things that have to be done in that order, to make this issue happen.

System is Windows 11, Happens, with one and two screen connected.
Resolution primary where mm is on: 1920x1080 and secondary: 1920x1200
For more of my specs/info, see one of my latest debug.log in support ticket #7134

Hope you find the culprint.
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Re: Issue with Right Click

Post by rusty »

hmmm.... I've been unable to replicate this as well :-(

Do you by any chance have multiple monitors (I wonder if something in your environment/settings causes MM to get confused about the resolution and therefore placement of the menu)?

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