Crashing bug [#20950]

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Crashing bug [#20950]

Post by pbright »

This occurs within 5 minutes of starting the program. I have a captured image on the exception but since I can't upload a picture to your server... I can provided it later.

Application Throw an exception Exception EEternalException in module KERNELBASE.dll at 001498B2. Exterma, exce[tion E0000008,

Call stack Script File://helpers/serachTools.js Func eval Row 592 Col 25
Script File:///promise.js ; Func: invokeResolver; Row 387 ; col 18
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Re: Crashing bug

Post by Lowlander »

Is this on MMA, or on MMW? If the latter, which Build (Help > About)?
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Re: Crashing bug

Post by Peke »

Added as

Do you have any specific steps you do to make MM crash?

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