can't move files

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can't move files

Post by sn0skier » Tue Apr 24, 2007 6:23 am

I'm trying to move some files from one location on an external hard drive (E:\Music\Music Overflow) to another location on the same external hard drive (E:\Music\Music Over). But MM will not let me. The progress bar pops up for half a second and then goes away without moving my files.
I am selecting the files I want to move and then right clicking, selecting move, and then selecting the folder I want to move them to. I don't have either folder open in explorer, I don't have the tracks organized by location, and none of the files are missing, if any of that matters. The files are just normal mp3s, and they are from different sources, so I don't think its a problem with the file.
Why is this happening to me?

Also, I would just move them but then I need to add the entire folder that I move them to again, because MM won't let you add files to the library, just folders. What's up with that?


So I figured it out...
I couldn't move the files b/c E:\Music\Music overflow was my directory for virutal CD. I've never even used virtual CD but when I was first messing around with MM before I knew what Virtual CD was I made the virtual CD folder the same as my rip folder, becuase I thought they were related. Stupid, I know. I just barely figured out what it was while desperatly looking through MM help files. I randomly clicked on the topic "Why don't some tracks / directories scan into the Library?" which is weird because this wasn't even close to my problem.
Anyway, someone at MM might want to think about fixing this bug, or at least creating something in the virtual CD preferences that says "Hey idiot, don't make this the same folder that any of your music is in" so that nubs like myself don't freak out when MM won't do what it's supposed to.