Magic Nodes 4.2 w/ 380 masks & real GUI (2011-07-01)[MM2+]

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Re: Magic Nodes 4.2 w/ 380 masks & real GUI (2011-07-01)[MM2+]

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The add-on was already sent and received, but here is the part from the the add-on's web page that I need to mention here anyway. It is recommended that you: a) use a reliable e-mail address on the provider which will not refuse to deliver e-mails just because they contain attachments or for some other ridiculous reasons, b) if you don't have another address, then put my e-mail address to the contacts list of the address that you have registered on PayPal.

GMail's spam prevention is especially horribly sensitive. I wrote to them about it long time ago, but they just ignored me.

Spam is bad, I hate it as anyone else, but I think it is even worse when an e-mail provider constantly drops e-mails assuming they are spam without giving any notice about that to the sender or receiver.
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