Ratings In Vista [3143]

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Ratings In Vista [3143]

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This may not be a bug at all, but ever since I've started using MM3 with Vista I have noticed that if I give a song a rating of X in Vistas file system it always shows up as X+1. This may just be a Vista bug, but I thought I'd through it out there just in case.
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Vista ratings and MM

Post by rusty »

MM ratings are correctly read by Vista/WMP, but Vista ratings aren't correctly read by MM. This is on the todo list, for post 3.0 since Vista tagging of ratings is in a format that would cause backwards compatibility problems for MM.


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Thats strange. I haven't tried it that way, but I have noticed that when ever i rate a song in MM, and sync the database with the tag Vista always shows an additional star.
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