RC3: Next track multimedia button doesn't work [FIXED]

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RC3: Next track multimedia button doesn't work [FIXED]

Post by jyhoang »

All of my multimedia button work on my keyboard (Logitech Media Elite) except the "Next track" one.
With my Bluetooth A2DP remote (SonyEricsson DS980) , the "Next" button opens the Album node instead of going to the next track.

Note:I'm running Win XP SP2 with Setpoint 4.00 and have a Widcomm BT stack.
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Post by Peke »

Go To Tools -> Options -> Hotkeys and if Multimedia next is not in list do
Add new -> Select Multimedia Next and set Next as hotkey there was some errors in earliest RC build which is fixed but in some cases Next is missing from list unless you do clean install of RC3.
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Post by sciamannikoo »

I ha the same problem.

1. The "Next" hotkey was actually assigned to "Go to the Album node": what is the proper hotkey for this command?
3. There is a file or a list I can use to restore all hotkeys, just in case there are other wrong hotkeys?


Post by Guest »

Thanks Peke, it solved my problem :wink:
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