Script Errors when loading/playing tracks

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Same here Judas...I've tried everything :-( Can't somebody help us?
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Post by judas »

It's somewhat comforting to know it isn't only me... :-)
Cheers, judas
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Post by rovingcowboy »

try getting the newest release of directx 9c there was a Link 3 days ago on majorgeeks. it might fix something?

go to windows update then click the link on that page to microsoft updates and use it to find any software updates you might need that windows update don't look for.

i just got a bunch of them tuesday, and some things in mediamonkey was effected by one of the updates not sure which one but it changed some things in the way the skin looks. mostly it changed the border around the player on the skin. as in it now shows the border when it did not before.

so there might just be something in vista that is needing updated that is not noticeable when we look for it.

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Re: Script Errors when loading/playing tracks

Post by oddBeat »

uh... that post is old, I wonder if someone can help me...
I'm on WinXP64. Red almost everything, but cant find a solution.

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Re: Script Errors when loading/playing tracks

Post by rusty »


Perhaps give us some more info:
-what build of MM
-what triggers the error
-what's the error


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Re: Script Errors when loading/playing tracks

Post by oddBeat »

Hi Rusty,

I was getting errors like this:
Error #429 - Microsoft VBScript runtime error
ActiveX component can't create object: 'SongsDB.SDBApplication'
But I think I solved it, or at least found a workaround.

My system:
OSX 10.7.4
Parallels Desktop 7.15094.749908
Windows XP 64bit SP2
Portable MediaMonkey on external USB drive, shared via \\psf on m:/mediamonkey

I got rid of those errors and scripts started to working when I installed regular version to m:/mediamonkey and than reinstalled portable over it.

Before that I reinstalled .NET (all versions), even reinstalled SP2, used CCleaner, ... and many sleepless nights.

hope that helps for 'future generations' :)

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