Need a script to shorten long tracks

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Need a script to shorten long tracks

Post by AlexV »

Hello everybody,

Do you have a script that would automatically crossfade a long track after, say 3 minutes... and play the next one ?

Does that make sense ? Why do I need this ? Well, long tracks are boring during a party... I don't want to play a 6-minute song !

Thanks !

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Post by trixmoto »

A script certainly could be written to do this, but I don't think there is one at the moment.
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Post by brianon »

Would be nice indeed.

Sometimes tracks at the end of albums go on for ever before a 'hidden' song/noise is played. Would be nice if certain songs could be shortened.
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Post by spacefish »

Couldn't you use an autoplaylist for parties to limit tracks to a certain length?

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Track length (seconds) <= '240'
This limits tracks to 4 minutes or less.
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