MediaMonkey-Like photo organizer?

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Re: MediaMonkey-Like photo organizer?

Post by bmarr »

I have researched looking for MM style organizer for pics, and tried about 5 of the top ranked programs over the last 5 months, and i boiled it down to these two.
Adobe Elements

In short I want a strong tagging feature and face recognition. I felt Elements is the better of the two in terms of MM style, you just have to enable the library view if you have your folders organized well. (I almost Adobe until i finally found this feature). So as it stands i am ultimately using Adobe BUT -
Adobe also has a great "Calendar" interface where it looks like a calandar with thumbnails for events, nice for going through with friends and family.

Picasa is far superior in its face recognition interface, the ability to adjust its precision and mass "mark" them is waaay faster than adobes and smoother. So what i did was use picasa for this, but apparently Picasa will not write the face recognition tag to the file(notice why i used "mark" instead of tag). So what you must do after you finish is create a custom tag with their name "John" and then within picasa select them and retag the photo so it can carry over to adobe. I assume in the future this will not be the case.
Also I am an Photoshop user, so its a bit easier for me to be in Elements environment than a standard user I think, so for the rest of my family I install Picasa for the ease of use.

and a major Plus one for added support in MM, a Picture library would be awesome.
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Re: MediaMonkey-Like photo organizer?

Post by ripndip »

mccstumble wrote:@ Gershwin04

Couldn't agree more. There are tonnes of programs for photo management and they all have thier own pro's and cons but somehow I think if the Mediamokey Team put their mind to it and had the same success as we currently enjoy with audion and video files it would be a killer programme. Can't wait until MM is looking after my photos and also streaming them to DLNA device and syncing to my smartphone.

Ideally if it owrks it will be like when they took all the hard work out of managing audio files - I still shudder at all teh grief of having to tag them and associate album art etc etc before they were eventually dropped into the audio library. Then - MM came along and simplified everything.

Bring on MM photo management..........
Couldn't agree morer!! :D I was excited even thinking about MM method of organization applied across all "media". It is mediamonkey right?

Well in due time, I have faith it is possible. I even checked to see if I could just import or add to MM, but the Os integration option does not permit this. I even just made a thread wondering if this is possible.

Currently, I wonder if a script just allowing MM to "see" these file types (books, photos, etc) is possible. We don't need to see them in MM, just be able to see the file & tag info so we can organize how we see fit.

Great INFO guys keep wishing for this feature keep this thread ALIVE
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Re: MediaMonkey-Like photo organizer?

Post by EinsteinX »

Recently, I've started to consider that it would be great to have a MediaMonkey style management for my pictures. I wanted to start a thread, but figured I should search before posting and lo and behold there's already a thread. Bit disappointed though that there is no one replying about a picture manager with the features that we all seem to be looking for. I guess I'll have to have a look at Picasa again. Haven't used it in years.

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Re: MediaMonkey-Like photo organizer?

Post by donector »

rovingcowboy wrote:i like the old freeware PAW Photo organizer viewer program.
hey what's / where's Paw photo organizer?... i cannot find it at google

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Re: MediaMonkey-Like photo organizer?

Post by MMFrLife »

Years ago I started trying out a bunch of image programs, free and pro/DOS and post DOS GUI (IrfanView was an early GUI fav), and after a few
years of trying to find one I was satisfied with, I just gave up and settled with FastStone Image viewer. It was free and fairly simplistic, but just sophisticated enough to do most of what I wanted at the time.

Anyway, it's been a long time and I never could find a really good free one or a "reasonably" priced one for purchase to suit both the functions
I needed and presented in a style I really liked.

One of the programs I tried was XnView. I was not very attracted to it. .......Fast forward to now!

I contacted FastStone for the first time recently and was put off by what appears to be their essentially non-existent support. It got me to looking
once again, after all these years, at other progs. To my amazement, after taking another look at XnView, they have come leaps and bounds with
their fairly new enhanced/extended version "XnView MP" (the enh. version is also free, for personal use).

Of all that I've seen, it comes closest to an MM like feel and functionality. And it's free!!!
But it's not for someone looking for serious pro features like face recognition, depth analysis or extensive editing/paint, etc.
It's focus is mostly on organizing with XMP, IPTC tagging, user comment, detailed criteria search for Filename and image tags, classifications
(colored stars and dots), categories, tabbed browser, movable tabbed panes, extensive toolbar customization and many other features and tweaks.

Give it a whirl if you haven't already! I don't believe MM will be looking into this anytime soon. :wink:
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