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Post by Risser »

Here's a script that creates a "radio" node. The selections are random, but are weighted by your ratings, so songs you like are more likely to get played than ones you don't. You can also reduce the weighting based on the number of plays and increase it based on how long the song has been in your library. Also, you can prevent it from repeating a song within a certain number of days.

The only thing I don't like is that I wanted to make this a playlist, rather than a regular track list, but I wasn't sure how to do that.

The selection is random, but if you've sorted any columns, the results will be sorted. To remove sorting, click on any playlist (Now Playing) will do. After that, the results from the Radio List will be unsorted.

If anyone knows how to create & populate an actual playlist, let me know. (Of course, you could populate Now Playing, but I use WinAmp as a player, so that wouldn't work for me.)

This is an auto-script.

Code: Select all

' RadioFreeMonkey
' Version 1.0
' A script to create a "radio station" for you based on your song ratings.

' This script creates a root node in the tree, beneath the library node, called "RadioFreeMonkey".
' Under this node, you have a Radio List node, a Done node and a Weightings node.
' - The Radio List node lists 20 songs, in random order.  These are weighted, so songs
'   with a higher weighting have a higher chance of getting selected.
' - If you have selected a sorting column, even though the songs are selected randomly, the 
'   radio list will be sorted based on that column.  To return the list to "random" sorting, click 
'   on any playlist (Now Playing works nicely).  When you visit the Radio List node, the songs will 
'   be unsorted, in true random order.
' - The Done list shows you which songs aren't going to be played.  This includes songs that have 
'   passed their maximum playcount, or anything within MinDaysRepeat.
' - The Weighting node shows all tunes, sorted by their calculated weights.  This can help you 
'   determine what the optimal weighting choices are for you.  Plus, it's just nice to see what's
'   more likely to be played.

' Songs are weighted as follows:
' 		Rating * 2 (5 stars = 10, 3.5 stars = 7, 0 stars = 0)
'     - Number of Plays (if Reduce if Played is TRUE)
'     + Days since added to library / DayFactor (always rounded down)

' TO DO: At some point, I'd like to make the main 'list' node a PlayList instead of a regular 
'        list of tracks, but I'm not sure how to do this.
' This script can be freely used and modified.
' This is an early release and there may be bugs. If it's causing you problems, simply delete 
' it or move it out of the scripts\auto folder.
' The script does not modify the database, registry or INI file.

'	   Global Variables and Declarations

Option Explicit

' %%% The caption for the root node.
Const RootNodeCaption = "RadioFreeMonkey"

' %%% Add 1 to weighting for each X days since added to library
Const DayFactor = 30

' %%% Anything rated this or below will not receive the 'date boost'
Const DateBoostCutoff = 1

' %%% The minimum number of days that must pass before a song is repeated.  Zero means, go ahead
'     and repeat it right away.
Const MinDaysRepeat = 1

' %%% Reduce the weighting by the number of times played.  This means, as songs are played more often, 
'     they are less likely to be played again
Const ReduceIfPlayed = True

' %%% Number of Songs in list
Const NumberOfSongs = 20

'		The Meat.  Don't change anything under here.

Dim weightFormula, cutOff
cutOff = "(IIF(Songs.rating < 0, 0, Songs.rating) / 10) + IIF(Songs.rating <= "&(DateBoostCutoff*20)&", 0, FIX(DateDiff('d',Songs.DateAdded,Now) / "&DayFactor&"))"
weightFormula = cutOff & " - Songs.playCounter "

Sub FillStandardProperties(parentNode, childNode)
	With childNode
   		.CustomNodeId = parentNode.CustomNodeId
   		.CustomDataId = parentNode.CustomDataId + 1
   		.UseScript = Script.ScriptPath
   	End With
End Sub

Sub FillGoodLeaf(Node)

	Dim SplitCustomData, Tracks
	Dim SQLCondition, SQLStatement
	Dim SELECT_Clause, FROM_Clause, WHERE_Clause, ORDER_Clause
	Dim Iter, res, i, total, sum, index, weight
	Dim hold, weights
	Set hold = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")
	Set weights = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")

	SELECT_Clause = " SELECT Songs.Id, "&weightFormula&" "
	FROM_Clause = " FROM Songs "
'	WHERE_Clause = " WHERE Songs.PlayCounter < "&weightFormula&" "
	WHERE_Clause = " WHERE Songs.PlayCounter < "&cutoff & " AND DateDiff('d',Songs.LastTimePlayed, Now) > " & MinDaysRepeat
	SQLStatement = SELECT_Clause & FROM_Clause & WHERE_Clause
	Set Iter = SDB.Database.OpenSQL(SQLStatement)
	sum = 0
	While Not Iter.EOF
		hold.add total,Iter.StringByIndex(0)
		weights.add total,Iter.StringByIndex(1)
		total = total + 1
		sum = sum + Iter.StringByIndex(1)
	Dim R, max : max = NumberOfSongs
	If (total < max) Then
		max = total
	End If
	Dim inStr : inStr = ""
	Set Tracks = SDB.MainTracksWindow
	While i < max
'		R = Round((rnd() * (total+1))-0.5, 0)
		R = rnd() * sum
		For index = 0 to total
			If R < cdbl(weights.item(index)) Then
				Exit For
				R = R - cdbl(weights.item(index))
			End If
		Next 'index
		inStr = inStr & hold.item(index) & ", "
		i = i + 1
	inStr = Left(inStr,Len(inStr)-2)
'res = SDB.MessageBox(inStr, mtError, Array(mbOk))

	Tracks.AddTracksFromQuery("AND Songs.ID IN (" & inStr & ") ORDER BY Rnd((1000*Songs.ID)*Now())")
'  function WeightedRandom(const Weights : array of Double) : Integer ;
'  var R : Double ;
'  begin
'    R := Random * Sum(Weights) ;
'    for Result := 0 to High(Weights) do
'      if (R < Weights[Result]) then BREAK
'        else R := R - Weights[Result] ;
'  end ;

End Sub

Sub FillWeightNode(Node)

   Dim SplitCustomData   	' Auxiliary Array used to collect the pieces of Node.CustomData
   Dim SQLLinking			' Piece of SQL Code (WHERE statement) defining the relations between tables
   Dim SQLTables	 	 	' Part of FROM clause indicating which tables to query
   Dim SQLCondition	        ' String containing the part of the WHERE statement coming from the ancestor nodes
   Dim fullMask, curLevelMask
   Dim Tree, newNode, nextIsLeaf
   Dim FldTxt	          	' Text identifying the field by which the created nodes will be filtered
   Dim Field, IdField, OrderField 	' Fields to be queried
   ' Variables that store qualifier values and related expressions
   Dim TopQualifier, TopClause, SortCondition, minTracks, maxTracks, trimValue, doFormatting
   Dim ContentIndex	  		' An index to the field to be displayed
   Dim SELECT_Clause, FROM_Clause, WHERE_Clause, GROUP_BY_Clause, ORDER_BY_Clause, HAVING_Clause
   Dim SQLStatement	  		' SQL query to the database
   Dim CaptionPrefix		' Used to modify the caption when a sorting has been specified
   Dim EscapedId	  		' Used to escape a text value in the database to be used as a test
   Dim idArgument	  		' The first argument submitted to the Format function
   Dim Iter		  			' SDBD Iterator obtained by running the SQL query to get the nodes
   Set Tree = SDB.MainTree
   Node.HasChildren = false   ' To delete all old children
   SQLStatement = "SELECT DISTINCT " & weightFormula & " from Songs "
   Set Iter = SDB.Database.OpenSQL(SQLStatement)
   While Not Iter.EOF
   	Set newNode = Tree.CreateNode
   	NewNode.Caption = Iter.StringByIndex(0)
   	NewNode.iconIndex = 32
   	newNode.CustomData = Iter.StringByIndex(0)
   	FillStandardProperties node,newNode 
	newNode.onFillTracksFunct = "FillWeightLeaf"
	newNode.hasChildren = False
   	Tree.AddNode Node, NewNode, 3

End Sub

Sub FillWeightLeaf(Node)

   Dim Weight
   Dim Tracks
   Dim SELECT_Clause, FROM_Clause, WHERE_Clause
   Weight = Node.CustomData
   SELECT_Clause = " SELECT Songs.Id "
   FROM_Clause = " FROM Songs "
   WHERE_Clause = " WHERE " & WeightFormula & " = " & Weight & " AND DateDiff('d',Songs.LastTimePlayed, Now) > " & MinDaysRepeat
   Set Tracks = SDB.MainTracksWindow
   Tracks.AddTracksFromQuery("AND Songs.ID IN (" & SELECT_Clause & FROM_Clause & WHERE_Clause & ")")

End Sub

Sub FillDoneLeaf(Node)

   Dim Tracks
   Dim SELECT_Clause, FROM_Clause, WHERE_Clause
   SELECT_Clause = " SELECT Songs.Id "
   FROM_Clause = " FROM Songs "
   WHERE_Clause = " WHERE Songs.PlayCounter >= "&cutoff  & " OR DateDiff('d',Songs.LastTimePlayed, Now) <= " & MinDaysRepeat
   Set Tracks = SDB.MainTracksWindow
   Tracks.AddTracksFromQuery("AND Songs.ID IN (" & SELECT_Clause & FROM_Clause & WHERE_Clause & ")")

End Sub

'					Startup Function

Sub onStartUp
	Dim Tree, RadioFreeMonkeyRoot
	Dim RadioMonkeyGood, RadioMonkeyBad, RadioMonkeyWeight

	Set Tree = Sdb.MainTree
	Set RadioFreeMonkeyRoot = Tree.createNode

	RadioFreeMonkeyRoot.Caption = RootNodeCaption
	RadioFreeMonkeyRoot.IconIndex = 14
	RadioFreeMonkeyRoot.UseScript = Script.ScriptPath
	RadioFreeMonkeyRoot.hasChildren = True
	Tree.AddNode Tree.Node_Library, RadioFreeMonkeyRoot, 1 
	SDB.Objects("RadioFreeMonkeyRoot") = RadioFreeMonkeyRoot
	Set RadioMonkeyGood = Tree.createNode
	RadioMonkeyGood.Caption = "Radio List"
	RadioMonkeyGood.IconIndex = 14
	RadioMonkeyGood.UseScript = Script.ScriptPath
	RadioMonkeyGood.hasChildren = False
	RadioMonkeyGood.onFillTracksFunct = "FillGoodLeaf"
	Tree.AddNode RadioFreeMonkeyRoot, RadioMonkeyGood, 2
	SDB.Objects("RadioMonkeyGood") = RadioMonkeyGood

	Set RadioMonkeyWeight = Tree.createNode
	RadioMonkeyWeight.Caption = "Weightings"
	RadioMonkeyWeight.IconIndex = 32
	RadioMonkeyWeight.UseScript = Script.ScriptPath
	RadioMonkeyWeight.hasChildren = True
	RadioMonkeyWeight.onFillTracksFunct = "FillWeightNode"
	Tree.AddNode RadioFreeMonkeyRoot, RadioMonkeyWeight, 3
	SDB.Objects("RadioMonkeyWeight") = RadioMonkeyWeight

	Set RadioMonkeyBad = Tree.createNode
	RadioMonkeyBad.Caption = "Done"
	RadioMonkeyBad.IconIndex = 15
	RadioMonkeyBad.UseScript = Script.ScriptPath
	RadioMonkeyBad.hasChildren = False
	RadioMonkeyBad.onFillTracksFunct = "FillDoneLeaf"
	Tree.AddNode RadioFreeMonkeyRoot, RadioMonkeyBad, 3
	SDB.Objects("RadioMonkeyBad") = RadioMonkeyBad
End Sub
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Post by charlieMOGUL »

Excellent script - I love it!

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Post by gtbuzz »

Not a big deal, but is there any way to make it just list songs that are currently accessible?
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Post by abrazor »

I get error number 1032: "Invalid Character Line:1, Column:0. " and then the script doesn't load. But it is copied identical to what you have in the forum. Is it because there is a space before the script?

Your effort

Post by Henry »

What a sweet script. Thanks for your effort!
Scott Miller
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Post by Scott Miller »

Thanks for this script Risser. I've been using it for awhile now and it's all I use now. How hard would it be to add a grouping variable by artist that end user could set? Like two for tuesdays or blocks of the same artist. If you set the variable to 3 it would select 3 tracks from the same artist before moving on to the next artist.

Thanks for the consideration!

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Post by Eyal »

Hey Risser, this script is fantastic!

Instead of scrolling long-long songs list, why don't let the computer choose the music you love most and make a playable radio-like list... It's magic.

Thank you a lot.

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Post by paradroid »


after installing the script I got the following error :

Code: Select all

Error 5 - Runtime Errir in Microsoft VBScript
Illegal procedure call or invalid argument: 'Left'
File: "D:\Programs\MediaMonkey\Scripts\Auto\RadioFreeMonkey.vbs", Line 128, Column: 3
Any suggestions ?

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Post by andig »

Same error for me when opening the RadioList node..

Btw. weightings are displayed as -3..0, so negative numbers- not sure this is expected?

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Post by paradroid »

I too have negative weightings. They reach from 8 to -9. The RadioList shows only 4 songs instead of 20. If I play them and try to generate a new playlist, I get the error postet above.

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Post by Risser »

Okay, the weightings can reach negative. Every time you play a song, it sinks in the ratings a notch. So, if you have a song you've rated 5 stars, but have played it 12 times, it will actually be a -2. This is to keep the same superstar songs from being over-repeated.

However, I counteract this with an increase based on the amount of time the song has been in your library. For every 30 days, it gets a +1. So if you had the same song in your library for 9 months, it'd actually weight in at about a 7.

So, if you have stuff you've just added, but have played a ton, you will have a lot of -ve stuff. You can adjust this behavior by setting the ReduceIfPlayed variable to false.

Oh, except I see that it's not actually used. Whoops.
I'll fix that.

It only picks songs that have a weighted rating > 0 and haven't been played for 24 hours (this is adjustable). So, the fact that only 4 songs show up means that there were only 4 valid songs to play.

As for the Left exception, I don't know what to say. You may need a newer version of VBScript, as I have no idea why that's happening.

However, I can write the script without using it, so I'll make an adjustment.
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Post by paradroid »

Hi Risser,

that sounds good, I look forward to use your script. I use the latest Version ov VBScript.
The source of the problem could be, that I don't have much songs with ratings yet. Maybe this causes a kind of miscalculation ?
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Error in script

Post by Morten »

I'm on my friends PC, and I get an error message:

"Error happened during script execution:
Could not start Windows scripting control (msscript.ocx). You can install it from"

What do I have to do? Please help...

PS: My friend's pc is running on Windows Home Edition SP2...

Great Script

Post by Guest »

I love the script. Enjoying even as I write this. but is there any way to make an unrated song get the same wieghting as one with three stars. I just havent had time to rate a lot of good songs that I would like this script to incorporate.
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Post by cadmanmeg »

How do you get this to work? I copied the code and saved as radiofreemonkey.vbs and put it in the auto under scripts folder. When opening MM< I can not seem to find it. Thanks much for any assistance you can provide!
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