Add a HTML link to a Seperate -Web Node - Menu Bar - Toolbar

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Add a HTML link to a Seperate -Web Node - Menu Bar - Toolbar

Post by iridius »

I want to add a link to a html document that will open in MediaMonkey's integrated browser.

Ideally it would be on a toolbar as an icon.
If not in a seperate node, or in the Webnode would be fine.
Or in a command menu.
It's simply a link to an HTML document that I want.
thanks for any ideas or help
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Post by tvjunky »

How about that, it'll be located in the Tools Menu under "Scripts":


Code: Select all

' Opens a website in a browser window. Most of it is taken
' from the examples in MediaMonkeyScripting.chm

Option Explicit

Dim LinkURL

Sub OpenLink
  LinkURL = ""     ' set the Link
  'Make a Form
  Dim Form
  Set Form = SDB.UI.NewForm
  Form.Common.SetRect 100, 100, 500, 400
  Form.Caption = LinkURL
  'Make a Browser object
  Dim WB
  Set WB = SDB.UI.NewActiveX( Form, "Shell.Explorer")
  WB.Common.Align = 5      ' Fill all client rectangle
  WB.Interf.Navigate LinkURL   ' Go to the specified URL
End Sub

Code: Select all

DisplayName=&Open link
Description=Opens a link to a specified website
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Post by iridius »

Hey, thanks a lot, I've been at it all day, I read as much as I could understand in the .chm file, but it's more a reference for someone who understands VB than anything, I can do some C++, so I can sort of understand some of it, but not enough. Well, I did get some help from a programming site I use, and came up with a way to open the Internet Explorer window as a seperate window, via a node. You're way opens the MM browser in a seperate window. Which is more what I want.

a few things if you could please...

1. I want it to open in the MM browser that is already there. I am rarely online, because here in Belarus, it's expensive. I want to open a locally available HTML page instead in that area, not in a seperate window. I have too many windows open as is....

2. Is it possible to add this to a tool bar as an icon, as that would be ideal for the use I have in mind.

3. The browser window that opens doesn't scroll with the mouse wheel, any ideas on how to fix that.

4. Is there anyway to add a hotkey combination for this?

thanks a ton in advance
thanks a tons in advance.
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Post by iridius »

An Update:

1. WORKING ON IT - open in the integrated browser pane not in a seperate browser window

2. WORKING ON IT - add as icon to toolbar

3. RESOLVED - I cut&paste coded some by using the general form structure from the Create Report --> Statistics script, and have it now in a windows that scrolls fine, and I think I didn't see the problem which is that there are multiple scroll bars in MM so it get's confused as to which one I want to scroll. Regardless this is fine in the updated version of the script.

4. RESOLVED - I got the hotkey combo thing figured out, via the scripts.ini...
Shortcut= Can specify a shortcut that will invoke the script in MM. You can use any of the string ‘Shift+’, ‘Ctrl+’ or ‘Alt+’ even combined together and followed either by a single letter or by a special key, which are: BkSp, Tab, Enter, Esc, Space, PgUp, PgDn, End, Home, Left, Up, Right, Down, Ins, Del.
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Post by powerpill-pacman »

I like the script (now i can open directly from MM). This leads to two of my questions. How far did you get in integrating the brwoser-windows into MM and how can i hand over the now played artist to the search-field of discogs (do you know what i mean?).

Post by Guest »

Did you ever figure out a way to open it in the integrated browser?
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Post by Steegy »

This is now possible thanks to the devs who added this possibility: ... 9852#39852
Extensions: ExternalTools, ExtractFields, SongPreviewer, LinkedTracks, CleanImport, and some other scripts (Need Help with Addons > List of All Scripts).
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