MediaMonkey -- Beta 3

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MediaMonkey -- Beta 3

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Beta 3 is another big step forward in terms of stabilization. In addition, all strings should be frozen at this point, so unless there are any major gaffs, localization will be able to proceed shortly. Please give us your feedback.

Before you rush into downloading it, remember that it's still a Beta and contains a variety of changes that have not been thoroughly tested. The software is being provided for feedback and testing purposes by advanced users who regularly test pre-release software. If you plan on testing it, take precautions to backup your data to protect against data loss during installation or usage.

Please let us know how it works for you.

What's new in build 921?
  • - Added Select All/None checkbox in headers of all relevant dialogs
    - Added configuration for ignoring Artist prefixes (e.g. 'The')
    - Added Tooltips for all new 2.5 config entries
    - Improved masks implementation on Burn Disc dialog
    - Fixed Synchronization: sync to iPod can fail in mid-sync
    - Fixed Synchronization: Tracks appear under 'Movies' on iPod Video
    - Fixed Synchronization: Sort order on iPod sometimes incorrect
    - Fixed Auto-Conversion: Virtual CD tracks are converted needlessly
    - Fixed data disc burning: various glitches in burning .m3u files
    - Fixed data DVD burning: burning at 2x fails on some machines
    - Fixed disc burning: no error when no writable drive exists
    - Fixed disc burning: wizard appears incorrectly in unskinned mode
    - Fixed volume leveling: tags not updated correctly
    - Fixed Net radio: some streams don't play
    - Fixed Net radio: functionality is hidden
    - Fixed scanning: Album art only read when < 20 tracks in directory
    - Fixed Advanced Search (again): some genres are missing from criteria list
    - Fixed shorcuts: back 5 seconds & Party Mode
    - Fixed Access violation on Alt-F4
    - Fixed party mode: improve default settings
    - Fixed Auto-DJ configuration is 'hidden' in Now Playing config
    - Fixed glitches in Blue Monkey and Brushed Monkey skins
    - Fixed conversion error text: no indication that DRM causes the problems
    - Fixed Visualization icon and Net Radio icon
    - Fixed UI text in burn wizard + various other locations
MediaMonkey 2.5 Beta 3:

If you are experiencing a problem which a debug log would help resolve, you can subsequently install a debug build from: ... _5_921.exe

Double-click the downloaded file and follow the installation instructions. You can install:
a) To your MediaMonkey directory, replacing the current version of MediaMonkey.
b) To a new directory (e.g. /Program Files/MediaMonkey_alpha), preserving your existing MediaMonkey installation so that you can use one version or the other.

-The MediaMonkey Team