Support for opus codec MM5 [#12769][#9896]

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Re: Support for opus codec [#9896]

Post by mcgeeam »

I hope to see opus codec support soon

Re: Support for opus codec [#9896]

Post by yesiam »

I would also like to request support for opus in MediaMonkey
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Re: Support for opus codec [#9896]

Post by stere0123 »

The lack of Opus codec support is the only thing preventing me from using MediaMonkey. It would be nice to at least know the status of its implementation, as the last mention of it was in August 2015.
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could be added opus encoder & decoder?

Post by drughetto »

could be added opus encoder ?
it's the evolution of ogg vorbis

the great thing is that the decoding is very very low cpu consuming,that is really great playing opus music with a smartphone ,it really increases the life battery

would be great have included in mediamonkey for windows (the econder & decoder ) & android (decoder)

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Re: Support for opus codec [#9896]

Post by jiri »

Opus is already supported in MM5 -


Re: Support for opus codec [#9896]

Post by mklcyng »

Just downloaded the MM5 alpha, still no Opus support. Not sure about the android player. It's easily the best sounding codec.
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