magic nodes doesn't ignore prefixes

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magic nodes doesn't ignore prefixes

Post by darchangel »

Under Options->Appearance->Ignore prefixes when sorting by Artist, i have: dj,the. This works wonderfully for both (dj and the) in the normal nodes, however in magic nodes does not seem to do this correctly. Here is my magic node:

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Artist by Letter|icon:top level|child of:artist\<artist|trim:1>\<artist>\<album>
I must say, this is an awesome feature! Expecially allowing multiples and not just for 'the'. I have insane amounts of DJ mixes and 2/3 start with DJ and the other 1/3 don't and I can never remember which is which. (Now if I could just figure out how to apply a filter like this to album name and track title).

btw, I'm running v2.5.1.934 on WinXP+SP2
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Post by trixmoto »

Well unfortunately that means making changes to the Magic Nodes script, not MM itself. This is of course possible, but whoever does it will need some SQL knowledge, and a greater understanding of the (rather large) script.
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Post by Steegy »

Maybe you can state your problem in the "official" MagicNodes forum:

Maybe then, the author (Pablo) of the script will see it more quickly.

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