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MediaMonkey Plugin Template Example

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Even MediaMonkey support basic structure of Winamp Plugins over the versions of MediaMonkey there was a need for more integrated plugin structure especially when MediaMonkey introduced portable installation which lack of Registry values for MediaMonkey Automatization server.

MediaMonkey 4.1 support additional procedure that connect plugin directly to MMW Automatization over IDispatch eg. "MMSetInterfaceCookie = procedure( MMInterfCookie : cardinal);" Added in MMW as

This procedure is supported as exported procedure in IN_, OUT_, GEN_ , DSP_ and VIS_ Winamp structured plugins.

Main target is to use your own programming Language to access MMW Automatization objects and ... pplication as primary IDispatch set by "MMSetInterfaceCookie"

For this reason I have Created one simple General plugin In Delphi that register itself to MMW OnPlay Event and internally handle event y instructing MMW to

Example Can Be downloaded from ... xample.rar and example also contain compiled version of plugin that you just put into MMW plugins folder and restart MMW.

NOTE: that I'll Update plugin example from time to time and according to needs and in effort to make it more clear and with new functions and features. Feel free to use this plugin as starting point for your creations.

I would really like is someone willing and able create this example in Other Languages that would make NON Delphi developers much easier way to expand their work.
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