Connecting a DLNA session to local PC audio

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Connecting a DLNA session to local PC audio

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I use MMW to play music "locally" through my PC's speakers, and also to play music elsewhere in the house by accessing MMW's DLNA server through my Samsung Wireless Audio Multiroom (WAM) system. What I would like to do is find a way to have the music that is being played via WAM elsewhere in the house also be played (at least semi-synchronously) through the speakers on the PC that is hosting MMW. That way, I avoid the expense of buying another WAM speaker to place in the room where the PC, with its excellent speaker system, is located. I can see two possible ways to accomplish this: one would be to have a client running on the PC that advertises itself on the network as a WAM-compatible device (like the Samsung M5 speaker and Samsung Link Mate do). This would allow the PC to be grouped with the M5 and Link Mate using the WAM Android app, and the resulting audio would be distributed via WAM back to the PC's speakers through this client. Unfortunately, Samsung does not, to my knowledge, provide any such WAM-compatible client software. The second approach would appear to be much easier. The idea is to provide a mode in MMW whereby a DLNA music session being served by MMW gets replicated locally through the PC's audio system. This mode could be turned on or off, and would only apply to the first active DLNA session being served. The delays through the network and Samsung WAM are small, so the audio would be more or less synchronous with the audio being played in other rooms via WAM.