DLNA skipping end of (only some) tracks

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Re: DLNA skipping end of (only some) tracks

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You can ZIP or RAR it and it should attach without problem.
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Re: DLNA skipping end of (only some) tracks

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sunspot wrote: Sat Oct 24, 2020 11:06 pm I'm having the same issue. It's happened on two different systems now. I'm using my desktop PC as the machine running the MediaMonkey library, and a little media PC running MediaMonkey as a DLNA client. Some songs play all the way thru just fine, others seem to skip at random points during playback. A song that skips one time will play thru all the way on another pass.

I'd blame this on timeouts, since I'm streaming from a NAS, but sometimes the skips happen right at the start of a song, and supposedly the timeout on the NAS is pretty long. The little media PC is wired in over gigabit Ethernet and has no trouble accessing - and even rapidly downloading - entire songs from the NAS drive.

I checked firewall logs on both systems but don't see any traffic between them being identified and blocked.

This feels like some kind of handshake or timeout issue with the DLNA receiver function in MediaMonkey, like the client side isn't being patient enough with the server and then signaling a failure back to the server, which skips to the next track.

Server side doesn't have this problem when playing files on the desktop itself from the NAS-hosted music files. They play just fine for hours with no issues.
I have the same issue.

When you pause music does it sometimes screw everything up and you have to either restart the track or skip to the next one?
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Re: DLNA skipping end of (only some) tracks

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Yes. I've kind of given up for now. I can't recall if I ever managed to get the error file to attach or not.
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