Windows 10, touch-screen, and visualizations

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Windows 10, touch-screen, and visualizations

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Hey there, MM Gurus. So, I now have MM running on a new Acer laptop, with Windows 10 as the OS. Looking pretty good. However, I have the laptop in 'tent mode' so it can sit on the shelf at eye level. Also works good, except when I activate a visualization, and then I can't seem to cancel it and get back to the main MM screen. Even if I choose to access the keyboard by returning the laptop to its normal posture, the problem doesn't go away. Is this just a downside of moving to Windows 10? I suppose I could just use a windows screen saver to 'save the screen', but then I lose the synchronization with the music.

Any suggestions? Any one else run into this?

Cheers and thanks - kwlarsen