Streaming Internet Radio via UDP/DLNA

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Streaming Internet Radio via UDP/DLNA

Post by DieterMM »

Looking to stream internet radio via MMA to a UDP/DLNA receiver.

Current setup is working for streaming music.

Windows 7 PC as MediaMonkey player / server, ver 4.1.11.

Have MMA Pro

Streaming music only to a WDLiveTV via DLNA/UDP.

This all works pretty well, except I cannot stream Internet Radio to the WDLiveTV. or the the local player on the android device(s)

I can see the tracks in the MMA Playlist, I can play them on the Win7 Mediamonkey installation.

On the MMA application, the stations are listed in the playlist, but when I click to play, comes up with Server inaccessible, Searching ...

One of the file paths, as an example, is:

Is streaming of internet radio stations functionality supported ?

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Re: Streaming Internet Radio via UDP/DLNA

Post by Lowlander »

I doubt that it is supported.
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