not seeing all tracks over upnp dnla

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not seeing all tracks over upnp dnla

Post by richiefinger »

Not sure if this is a MMW issue or a MMA issue?

I use MMA in the kitchen plugged into an audio system to browse my library on my main computer.

Its been working OK.

Today I searched for "Rolling Stones" some results came up but not the album I was looking for.

I tried again using server/ using library still missing.

Went back to the main computer to check they are not missing from the library.
Listening to it now, so thats not the problem.

Do tracks or some other parameter have some sort of box that needs to be ticked to allow the tracks to be streamed?
Any other ideas?
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Re: not seeing all tracks over upnp dnla

Post by Lowlander »

Might they be in a format that MMA can't play?
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