MMS 0.0.5: Initial Setup Questions

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MMS 0.0.5: Initial Setup Questions

Post by jimbob_sf »

I got it running, few Qs for this initial build:

1. Is the mms.exe meant to be started via command line as of now? Put another way, it doesn't install a service or anything automated (yet)?
2. For the purposes of syncing with an Android device, the MM5 service should still be run? It looks like this is right. The ports are different between MM5 Service and MMS, so there aren't any conflicts.

I don't have a use case for sharing the library right now. I'd be a good candidate for Sonos and Alexa devices with Windows and Android (what I use in my home).
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Re: MMS 0.0.5: Initial Setup Questions

Post by jiri »

1. Right, this way for now, something more user-friendly tbd.

2. Yes, for now use MM5, but more features are planned to let MMA to work more closely with MMS.

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