Strange sync with Samsung Galaxy S10+

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Strange sync with Samsung Galaxy S10+

Post by aaroncarr »

Using MM Gold on Windows 10 build 18362.175

I've synced a lot of music to my phone (via USB).

I made a few playlist edits, to where there are about 12+ mp3s that need to sync.

Should be fast and easy, right? Wrong.

It knows there are only a few files. See "To sync" is less than 50mb.


So why is it going through ALL of those files to transfer the couple that need to go on the phone?

IF successful, this would be hours and hours. However, usually it freezes after several thousand and has to be killed.

I haven't had WiFi sync work without crashing even once yet.

Also, each time the process has to be stopped, then started later, the "To sync" amount gets MUCH bigger, despite the fact that I've not made any additional changes that need to be synced.

Any ideas on how to streamline this / speed it up?

It didn't used to be like this when I was on Windows 7.
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Re: Strange sync with Samsung Galaxy S10+

Post by Lowlander »

Screenshot indicates tags are being copied. Maybe this is the only thing happening and not actual files being copied.
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