Album art does not always sync.

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Re: Album art does not always sync.

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I hope anyone can help me?
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Re: Album art does not always sync.

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Theorize5643 wrote: Fri Feb 23, 2024 11:59 am I hope anyone can help me?
I have some comments, but not much help because I only sync music, and I haven't paid any attention as to whether or not the art is messed up.
Theorize5643 wrote: Fri Feb 16, 2024 5:17 am The software is MMW portable, MMA
You are investing a lot of work into the evaluation of an early version of what is new product. MM5 was understandably fairly raw in it early versions.

You are working with something that is almost a year old.
The current version is There have been many bug fixes.
It is a beta release, but it is approx at Release Candidate level. It will be less buggy and more stable that what you are working with.

Your version of MMA is not current either. I am running
Theorize5643 wrote: Fri Feb 16, 2024 5:17 am Regarding USB sync:
I tried USB syncing several times, but it freezes, I would say 9 out of 10 times. I tried rebooting (windows & device), installing Google drivers in windows, etc. To solve this, I tried what I read on this page ... sync-fails. I got it only to work ± 3-4 times the last couple of days. When the transfer freezes, it is always in the first 25-30% of the process, but most of the time in the very first seconds (about 0-2%).
I had similar experience when I first evaluated MMA.

In my case I resolved this by getting a new USB cable.
There are a lot of cables that are OK for charging an Android device, but which deliver the kind of poor experience you describe when used for data transfer.

MMA will be especially prone to this kind of issue due to intensive data transfers, and the fact that there are many individual transfers, each of which could experience problems.
When i got a better cable the problems went away. ... Well almost went away. I have had a couple of glitches since, but nothing like what you describe. Nothing unacceptable.
Theorize5643 wrote: Fri Feb 16, 2024 5:17 am Waiting for a long time (more than 1 hour) after the message 'The media transfer process seems to be frozen' does not help. Frozen appears to mean that nothing is going to happen anymore.
I see this message often.
In my case it is a false album. I have a phone with large capacity, and the all the auditing and checking that MMA does before it gets started, seems to trigger the message for every sync that I do.

I wish that the would recalibrate whatever triggers the message. I am sure that it would cause a lot of people to kill the sync needlessly.

BTW I am talking a period of a minute or two ... never hours.

Like you I have noticed if I switch between a USB sync one day, and then use WiFi sync the next time, things seemed to get messed up .... specifically too much deleted and recopied.

Also the falsely high count of tracks to be updated by a usb sync is alarming, and it must harm confidence in the whole process.

Good luck getting the art issues sorted, as that will improve MMA for us all.
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Re: Album art does not always sync.

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I swear I've been participating unknowingly in a 10 year beta.

Constant album art issues, and now MMW-MMA sync is back to its old tricks of creating duplicate (appending_1) to every track.

Just. so. disappointing.

All current versions. Last sync was +30 days ago. Only WiFi sync "works," USB never/rarely works.
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