Sharing via DLNA using directories

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Sharing via DLNA using directories

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I was pleasantly surprised to find MM on my new Samsung tv/sound bar app menu. I hadn't set up DLNA/sharing previously since I only use media on my pc w/MM. I found out how to configure MM to do that, but ran into a roadblock, I set up my collection using directories, not playlists/collections (I've had the same structure for, oh, 25 years or so, well before I started using MM), or any of the default choices. The first time I used I saw pretty much all my files in no particular order, with a lot of dupes ( I have some files in more that one directory). The music sounded so much better than my pc speakers I'd like to use it more, but the lack of directory sharing is stopping me.

Edit: running 4.1.17
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Re: Sharing via DLNA using directories

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Current version is 4.1.30: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=8811&sd=d

You can share the Location sub-node in a Collection (ie. Music > Location) if it's enabled to show in the Collection (File > Manage Collections). This then allows browsing by folder structure.
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