MediaMonkey 2.0 Now Available – Raises the Bar for Music Management

August 25th, 2003

Ventis Media announces the release of MediaMonkey 2.0. Available freely via the internet, MediaMonkey raises the bar for ease-of-use and power for managing collections of thousands of music files.

“If you’re tired of using one program to organize your music, another to level the volume, and yet another to play it; if you’re sick of the adware and the bloatware then MediaMonkey is what you’re looking for,” said Jiri Hajek, Vice President Engineering at Ventis Media.

“What makes MediaMonkey different from most other players is that we don’t have any vested interest in a particular music service or format,” said Russell Samuels, Vice President Marketing at Ventis Media. “Real Player works with the Rhapsody service; Microsoft Media Player is geared primarily for WMA files; Apple’s iTunes only supports the iTunes store. That’s like having a web browser that can used to purchase books only from Barnes & Noble–that’s where Players are at today. MediaMonkey will be format and service agnostic.”

MediaMonkey supports CD, MP3, OGG, and WMA formats along with many others via plug-ins. It catalogs, plays, rips, converts, tags, creates mixes, and organizes large music collections. MediaMonkey is available now via