MediaMonkey 2.1 Now Available – Focuses on Music Management Instead of Music Sales

October 23rd, 2003

Ventis Media announced the release today of its new and improved MediaMonkey 2.1. Available free online, MediaMonkey makes it easy for music lovers to manage the growing numbers of files they are downloading from online music services such as MusicMatch and Rhapsody.

“Most consumers obtain their digital music files from multiple sources: their own CD collections, online music services, and their friends. All of these files will be encoded and formatted differently, and most serious collectors will want a single application to organize them, level the volume, add lyrics, export them to other devices, and play them–no matter where they come from. Our mission is to build the best music manager possible and let other companies worry about building online music stores,” said Jiri Hajek, Vice President Engineering at Ventis Media.

“To date, each of the online music services has required its users to install a custom client: MusicMatch Jukebox for the MusicMatch service; Real Player for the Rhapsody service, and so on. That’s like Amazon forcing you to use an ‘Amazon browser’ in order to shop at Amazon, even if you prefer the Mozilla browser” said Russell Samuels, Vice President Marketing at Ventis Media. “We believe most consumers want choice: choice of software, choice of format, choice of purchase venue. We’re building a product that aims to satisfy users regardless of formats and services used.”

MediaMonkey supports CD, MP3, OGG, and WMA formats along with many others via plug-ins. It catalogs, plays, rips, converts, tags, creates mixes, and organizes large music collections. MediaMonkey is available now at