Announcing MediaMonkey 2.2 – Adds iTunes-like Portable Audio Device Synchronization

June 9th, 2004

Ventis Media announced the release today of its new and improved MediaMonkey 2.2. Available online, MediaMonkey, which makes it easy for serious music collectors to organize tens of thousands of songs, now lets user who don’t own an iPod to synchronize their collections with their portable audio devices.

“For those of us who can’t afford an iPod, MediaMonkey now offers the rest of us a similar synchronization experience–it will now synchronize tracks and playlists to almost any portable audio device that is a USB mass storage device. If you can copy files to it in the Windows Explorer, it’ll synch with MediaMonkey,” said Jiri Hajek, Vice President Engineering at Ventis Media.

“Whereas a large segment of the online music world is developing online music services that are compatible with a particular client and a particular portable audio device, MediaMonkey’s philosophy is to be able to support any online service with any audio format, using any portable audio device” said Russell Samuels, Vice President Marketing at Ventis Media. “We continue to believe that most consumers want choice: choice of software, choice of format, and choice of portable device. We’re building a product that aims to satisfy these needs, while giving online music stores a tool that they can customize to their liking.”

MediaMonkey supports CD, MP3, OGG, WMA, APE, and MPC formats along with many others via plug-ins. It catalogs, plays, rips, converts, tags, creates mixes, and organizes large music collections. MediaMonkey is available now at