Announcing MediaMonkey 2.5

December 28th, 2005

Announcing MediaMonkey 2.5 — adding support for the latest generation of devices and services, including synchronization for the newest iPods, Creative Labs and iRiver devices, and automatically converting tracks on-the-fly to formats supported by those MP3 players.

It also includes support for DRM-protected tracks downloaded from Napster and Yahoo music, along with FLAC functionality for serious audiophiles. With FLAC encoding, tagging, and auto-conversion, MediaMonkey is now an excellent platform for lossless audio. Users can copy their CDs losslessly, play, organize and tag them, and synchronize those tags to their iPods by using on-the-fly conversion.

“MediaMonkey has developed a reputation as one of the best music managers, and one of our goals in this release was to improve some of its non-management features. We’ve added Party Mode so that it can be used in public places without worrying about alterations to the library and Auto-DJ so that tracks can be set to play automatically even when a playlist runs out,” said Russell Samuels, VP Marketing.

“In addition to making sure that MediaMonkey has the best iPod support possible, we’ve also added MP3/Data CD/DVD burning since a growing percentage of car stereos now include MP3 CD playback,” added Jiri Hajek, VP Engineering. “With a single click, users can burn a CD that is navigable via their car stereo.”

MediaMonkey supports CD, MP3, OGG, WMA, FLAC, APE, and MPC formats along with many others via plug-ins. It catalogs, plays, rips, burns, converts, tags, creates mixes, and organizes large music collections. MediaMonkey is available now at