MediaMonkey 4.1 Released

February 10th, 2014

Ventis Media is proud to announce a major new release of MediaMonkey. It makes MediaMonkey an even better management tool for serious collectors with a range of new functionality, including:

1) Wireless synchronization with MediaMonkey for Android* and MediaMonkey for Windows 8 tablets.  This allows users to sync their music collection wirelessly, while maintaining common metadata, ratings, play history, etc. across devices.

2) Bi-directional synchronization. Synchronization to Android devices is no longer a one-way street.  MediaMonkey can sync media and metadata in both directions so that music purchases and edits made on the phone also appear in the main library.

3) Improved device compatibility. MediaMonkey can now sync with almost all Android and iOS 7 (iPod / iPad) devices, with little to no configuration required.

4) Improved metadata lookup. MediaMonkey can now automatically look up Artwork and Lyrics.

5) Improved media sharing.  The MediaMonkey UPnP/DLNA server:

  • now converts audio/video formats on the fly depending no the needs of individual UPnP/DLNA players
  • adds indexed browsing which makes it easier to browse huge lists of content
  • adds UPnP renderer & controller functions enabling playback of content to other devices
  • can run as a service even when MediaMonkey isn’t running.

Finally, the new version improves Windows 8 compatibility, has a new coat of paint (new skin), and includes over 300 other fixes and improvements.
MediaMonkey is the music and movie manager for serious collectors.  It works with your devices (Apple, Android, etc.), your files (MP3, AAC, FLAC, WMA, etc.), with you in full control of how your music is tagged, organized and shared.

A full changelog is available at:

MediaMonkey 4.1.0 is available for download now at:


* MediaMonkey for Android is currently in beta testing.  Until its release later this week, MediaMonkey Pro is available at a 70% discount on Google Play.