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Scripts are used to easily extend the functionality of MediaMonkey. Anyone who's fairly technically proficient, including non-developers can create scripts to expand MediaMonkey's functionality. If you want to learn more about scripting or would like to submit a script, please check out the Development forum.

Script : Magic Nodes
Description : This script allows you to customize the nodes that display in MediaMonkey. For example, it allows you to easily add a node for Composer, which doesn't display by default in MediaMonkey.
Author : Pablo Schmerkin
Details : Magic Nodes Web Site

Script : Open tracks in another application
Description : This is a very simple script that illustrates how MediaMonkey can be used to interface with other applications such as a sound editor to edit a particular track. The default behavior is to open selected tracks in Winamp.
Author : Jiri
Details : forum link
Download : OpenWA.vbs
Ini Info : here

Script : Modify Database entries
Description : This is a simple script that illustrates how, using scripting, it is possible to modify the contents of the database. The default behavior is to switch Title and Artist entries in the database.
Author : Jiri
Download : SwapTitleArtist.vbs
Ini Info : here

Note: To use a script, download it and save it to C:\Program Files\MediaMonkey\Scripts\Auto and if there is any associated Ini info, add it to the ..\scripts\scripts.ini file. Restart MediaMonkey and the functionality associated with the script will appear.
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